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What's for Breakfast ...

At Hidden Lake Bed & Breakfast, we take great pride in our breakfast! As John will tell you, we spent sixteen weeks at a breakfast and brunch cooking class before opening Hidden Lake just to ensure your breakfast pleasure ... and yes, it's true, he received the better grade!

There are three options for breakfast at Hidden Lake:

First, of course, you have the option to skip breakfast. Bed & Breakfasts are much cozier, more personal, and definately more comfortable than any hotel or cabin so even if you don't enjoy breakfast or prefer to sleep in, stay at a B&B to enjoy the ambiance and special attention. At Hidden Lake, select our "I'd Prefer to Skip Breakfast" and we'll deduct $15 from the price of your suite each day. Your suite includes in-suite coffee service so don't fear that you have to start the day without caffine just because you prefer to skip breakfast.

European BreakfastSecond, you have the option for a more European style breakfast that will be waiting in your suite when you arrive and refreshed each day. What's a European style breakfast? Food that you might enjoy most any time of day ... a platter of cheese, meat, fruit and bread or pastry. You can enjoy it in the evening when you arrive, in the morning when you arrive or as a snack between adventures ... even take it with you as you hit the wine trail for the day! And, of course, we'll talk with you about your preferences to ensure that you enjoy our selections.

Lastly, you have the opton to select a traditional American breakfast. We'll bring it down the night before, placing it in your refrigerator. You'll find juice, a fresh fruit creation or a homemade pastry and a breakfast made with you in mind as its prepared. When you make your reservation, you'll find that we ask for your breakfast preferences. Do you have special dietary considerations? Are you sticking to a low-carb or low-fat menu? Maybe Weight Watchers? Are you a vegetarian? A diabetic? Is there anything to which you are allergic? Or perhaps there are breakfast foods that you simply don't enjoy or you'd something special that you'd like. Just let us know and we'll take it all into account!

Please make your selection when submitting your reservation request.



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Picnics & Such ...

While we don't boast a full service restaurant at Hidden Lake, we do offer some alternatives to dining out for every meal.